• Green Energy

    Our portfolio includes over 120MW of Solar PV, one of the largest concentrating solar power facilities in the world, and several waste to energy plants
  • Infrastructure

    Our portfolio includes the IDF training center, the largest project of its kind in Israel
  • Traditional Energy

    Our portfolio includes Jerusalem Energy Center Project. We are exploring several investment opportunities in IPPs and co-generation power plants
  • Transportation

    Our portfolio includes the cross Israel highway, and the Haifa Metronit bus rapid transit (BRT) system

NOY Infrastucture & Energy investment fund,

NOY FUND - An Israeli Infrastructure and Energy Investment Fund,
established in May 2011 to address the growing equity needs of the infrastructure sector.


The Fund is focused on generating sustainable cash flow and long term capital gains from investments in infrastructure and energy projects, principally in Israel. 


The Fund's management team currently manages over US$1000 million raised from a wide investor base which includes many of Israel's largest institutional investors.